3 days in Germany! Yay! Still my favorite country in Europe. After three years of going to Berlin, this time it’s Bavaria time! So here we are, on a Friday morning, very early, in a plane (enjoying the German Alps and the sunrise) supposed to land to Memmingen, somewhere 100 kilometers from Munich.

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Spinach soup is a very fast and easy dish,  full of vitamins and energy. I cooked it last night as I was in the mood for something delicious, but light.


Fresh or frozen spinach – about 400  grams

2 carrots

1 celery

1 parsnip

2 potatoes


Sour cream

Fresh milk

Parsley and dill

Olive oil

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Since Andreea wrote about her one week trip to Vienna a few weeks ago, I decided to write a few words myself about the three-day trip we took in the same time with her and Petru.

I must admit that we are not the tourist type, going to a new city and starting exploring all the monuments and visiting all the museums, but this time we said we should give it a try. We decided to take this trip because we found a nice party on Saturday and since we haven’t been to Vienna before, we said ‘Oh, well, why not?’.

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Cristian Mungiu‘s latest movie, Beyond the Hills, had its premier in Romania about two weeks ago. After the great success it had in this year’s Cannes Film Festival, winning the Best Screenplay Award and Best Actress Award (for the two main actresses), I decided that I definitely should go watch it in the cinema.

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