Mannequin label is releasing the long awaited debut LP by Nottingham’s finest purveyors of psychedelic noise, The Cult Of Dom Keller. Partially compiled from re-mastered and reworked versions of tracks previously included in the band’s self-released series of EPs, this new incarnation of The Cult Of Dom Keller’s sounds also features three unreleased recordings. This […]

Tübingen is another town we visited while on our short trip in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany, this spring. A bit bigger than Nürtingen, it also has the specific German charm that I tend to like more and more.


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Being in Germany for a short trip and staying in Nurtingen, having a quick visit at the Hohenneuffen Castle nearby is a good option if you have some spare time and the weather is absolutely beautiful.


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Having friends outside of Romania is always a very good excuse to plan a short vacation. Especially since they live in an amazing house in the center of a nice German town, small and quiet. Just perfect for a weekend of relaxation.



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XEX were an all-synthesizer band from South River, New Jersey in the late 1970s. The band formed when a trio of high school misfits with funny names (Waw Pierogi, Thumbalina Gugielmo and Alex Zander) teamed up with some friends from Rutgers College. They released their debut album “group: xex” in 1980 which Dark Entries reissued […]

And here we are, on our last day of Istanbul, a bit tired, but still in the mood of walking around the streets of this city.

2014-02-23 12.50.47


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4th day of our trip was all about Asia. I think that this is the most important and attractive thing about Istanbul. That it lays on two continents. And the idea of waking up in the morning and saying: ‘Today I feel like going to Asia for a walk in the park!’ at first sounds like totally out of the ordinary.


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