The beginning of 2015 gave us a lot of energy and we felt the need, after all the New Year’s parties, to go outside and enjoy a different kind of fun. We thought that having a short Sunday walk around Sibiu would be exactly what we needed to actually prepare for starting a new and long year. We woke up early and headed towards Cisnădioara. There was heavy snow outside, but the view was absolutely amazing.


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SydicatGourment is a rather new restaurant, opened only a few months ago, on a beautiful street in Sibiu. In its Facebook description it says Asian fusion restaurant and to be honest sounds like the best description.

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It’s been a year and a half since I ran away from the busy and sometimes exhausting life that Bucharest had offered me for about 8 year and finally moved to Sibiu. First thoughts were that it will be hard to get used to not living always on the run. Of course, the fact that you have to make changes and get out of your comfort zone can sometimes become a painful experience. But not in my case. Of course, there were some personal and family reasons that made me decide to move to Sibiu and that helped a lot in actually adapting, but the reason I am writing this is because Sibiu has become my favorite place in the world and there are more than one reason for that.

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A really cool documentary about the famous Kraftwerk, one of the pioneers of the electronic music scene. The documentary shows all the evolution of the German band from the first shows to what they have become today, to the last year’s series of 8 live shows interpreting all of their entire catalog in London’s Power […]