Medical Records presents a hand-picked selection of the early recordings of Germany’s Bal Paré. Members were Kirsten Klemm (vocals), Jan T. Krahn (Synthesizer), Matthias Schuster (Synthesizer, Beatbox). and drummer Jurgen Weiss. The first Bal Pare LP “Hamburg-Paris-Catania” was released in 1982 on Konkurrenz Records. Since they had a large fanbase in Sweden, the second release […]

Since we finally got to UK to visit our friends in Chesterflied and our flight was arriving and departing in Luton Airport, a short stop in London seemed like a good idea especially since I’ve never been there before and well, you know… some places you just have to check on your destinations list.


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I did see the movie some years ago, but I didn’t remember too much of it and I ended up reading the book because it seemed like a good option to buy in an airport book-store. It’s quite an impressive story, especially when reading it now, in the global context that we live in.


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Minimal Wave presents a reissue of the seminal first album from Swiss Wavers, Guyer’s Connection. Tibor Csébits and Philippe Alioth formed Guyer’‘s Connection in Basel, Switzerland when they were only 14 and 15 years old. At the time they were in a new wave rock band called “Kurtzschluss” which they decided to break from in […]