Active on late 70s / early 80s Teknospray were formed by Andrea Costa, Mauro Tavella (who later formed Monuments), Andrea Lesmo, Alberto Ramella (who later formed Carmody) and Lucio Lesmo. They recorded few demos and an album which they never released until today”God In Land”is now reissued on Disordine’s sub label Der Klang for the […]

Here we are in our last day in Stockholm! We did manage to see a lot of places and to get a taste of this beautiful Nordic city. There were still a lot of places to see and visit, but we left our last day for relaxing on some boat trips. We had an amazing weather, very sunny and warm, just perfect for being out on the sea.


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So here we are, in our 3rd day in Stockholm, a bit cold from all the wind that had hit us in the previous days, but still with some energy and good vibe left to explore the city even more. So far, first two days (Day1 and Day 2), we did a lot of walking and visiting, but on this day we decided to take it easy and just have a nice walk in the city center and relax a bit.


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After staying in the first night at Anedin Hostel, for the rest of our Stockholm trip we stayed in Gamla Stan, the old town, at Mälardrottningen Yacht Hotel. The hotel room is actually a cabin in a ship on lake Mälaren. The cabin was quite small, but the feeling living on a ship was quite nice. And the breakfast was really good.

In our second day, as the weather was still not that good, we spent it indoors as well. This time, it was time for some Nordics history and culture lessons.


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Stockholm was our first contact with the Nordic countries of Europe, and although it was quite a short trip, we enjoyed every piece of this city, even if for some days the weather was not exactly what we wished for. We left home thinking that we would love this trip and the city, and in the end, it turned out that it was true.


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