Here we are, I promise this is the last post about Morocco. I had to split the entire experience in several posts just to try to give you a clear view on how our trip actually was. Now it’s time to get more practical and give you an insight of the way we organized the trip.

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The Moroccan cuisine is one of the top touristic attractions when visiting the country so, for a gourmand like me, a post about it seems just right.

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The Desert…oh well, The Sahara Desert was by far my favorite experience from the trip in Morocco. The whole idea seemed like a dream, with camel trekking and sleeping in a tent in the middle of the desert, surrounded only by an absolutely clear sky and sand dunes, hearing only the powerful wind that seemed to whisper secrets in the night.


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Here we are, continuing our journey through Morocco. After giving you an insight on what Morocco has to offer in terms of landscapes and wild life, it’s now time to discover the cities of the country. We had the chance to take some tours in only 4 of the cities of Morocco, but it was enough to give us a clear pictures what a city actually means for the Moroccans.


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We spent 5 incredible days in Morocco and the story is sooooo long, that I had to split it somehow. We drove almost 2000 kilometers around the country and what we saw during this time just has to be told.


Morocco seen from the ferry

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