Although we’ve been many times on the road, driving to Bucharest, it is only this spring that we considerend having a stop in Târgoviște, for an important history lesson about medieval times.


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Curtea de Argeș literally means The Court upon Argeș and refers to the former status of the town as the capital of Wallachia.

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One of the oldest towns in Wallachia, Curtea de Argeș was the capital of a small local state which was the start for the unification of the lands south of the Carpathians at the beginning of the 13th century.

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If you are looking for the real Dracula castle, you can find it on a mountain top, 1480 stairs and 400 meter high from the Argeș Valley. This is the Poienari Fortress. 2014-08-03 11.46.03_ Continue reading

Stan’s Valley is an adventure. And a beauty. And unbelievable landscapes. And recently new ladders and climbing props have been added all over the valley so we had to do it. The red circle path starts somewhere on the Transfagarasan road, close to the Vidraru dam. It takes you about 4 hours to go through the valley from one part to the other and also a bit of attention. But what you will see once starting your journey is just worth every effort.


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In the last day of our trip in Bucegi, on Sunday, we made a stop to the Ialomita Cave, which is located in the Padina palteau. In the same weekend we also took a hiking trip to the Zanoaga Gorges and the Bolboci Lake and on the next day a long trip to the Omu Peak.

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Mountains are cool, that’s a fact! I’m even more convinced now, after we followed some of the hiking paths of the Bucegi Mountains. It was hard, but even more it was beautiful, amazing, breath-taking. We had a great weather, we chose a time of the year when everything was green and flowers were blooming.


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To the Zanoaga Gorges we got at the beginning of August, heading to a festival at the base of the Bucegi mountains, in Padina. Festival to which we decided not to go eventually, but relax and enjoy a weekend camping at the mountains. We put our tent in the Zanoaga camping and we stayed there for the next 2 nights.

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