The Chocolates Of Life

Forrest Gump: My momma always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." These are the chocolates of our lives.

[Romania] The Colțești (Trascău) Fortress

Part of our 1st of May trip in the Rimetea area, we also took a walk to the ruins of the Colțești or Trascău fortress. Situated just outside the Colțești village (3 km from Rimetea), you can reach the fortress after a 30 – 45 minutes walk.

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[Romania] Rimetea and Piatra Secuiului (Székely Stone)

For our 1st of May extended weekend, we went to Rimetea and spent 3 days in the village and around it. The area is becoming more and more popular thanks to he fact that the village is included in the Unesco World Heritage List, but also because, besides the village itself you have mountains and all sorts of outdoor activities.

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[Romania] Transilvania Gastronomică and the launch of

I’ve said it before that Sibiu has a lot to offer in terms of events almost all year long, but when something like a Food Culture Festival is happening in town, we have to be there, especially since it’s all about ‘eating local’ – save old tastes and varieties, preserve beautiful cultural landscapes.

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[Romania] Vânătările Ponorului Waterfalls

We started this year’s 1st of May trip from Cluj and we made the first stop at the Vânătările Ponorului Waterfalls. We drove to Turda and from there we took the DN75  on the Arieș river banks through Mihai Viteazu, Buru, until Sălciua de Jos. There we took a left across the river on the newly renovated DC104. This is a very narrow road through the forest and goes up to the mountain ridge.


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[Romania] 1st of May weekend in Rimetea

Having the 1st of May fall on a working week day is always a delight for us, as it’s a bank holiday and we always get the chance to have a well deserved extended weekend. As there are still so many places we have on our list to visit in Romania, we decided to go local and spend 3 days in the Rimetea village area.

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[Romania] Alma Vii Fortified Church

The Alma Vii Fortified Church was the last one to visit during our first weekend road trip around the beautiful Saxon villages in the Sibiu county. The church welcomed us from up the hill, right before entering the village.

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[Music] Nomade Orquestra – Estremundos

Nomade Orquestra return from the stratosphere via Brazil with their second offering: Entremundos (Between Worlds). Gazing outward through a kaleidoscope from the heart of Sao Paulo’s jazz scene, the collective consciousness of the ten-man orquestra has dreamt up an adventurous amalgam of earth’s most far reaching musical cultures.

Recorded at Red Bull Studios, Sao Paulo, Entremundos is like a cosmic musical playground where Ethio-jazz, Indian classical and Oriental sounds dance around Afro-Brazilian roots rhythms and Northern hemisphere jazz, funk, soul, library music and hip-hop influences. The sheer vastness of the album is astounding, Nomade Orquestra have quite literally conquered the world in sound.

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[Romania] The Fortified Church of Richiș

Visiting the Richiș Fortified Church was the most pleasant and revealing experience during our two days road trip around the Saxon villages of Sibiu and their fortified churches. Mr. Schass made sure that our visit there will remain for long in our minds.

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[Romania] Biertan Fortified Church

Biertan is by far the most important symbol of the Saxon villages and of the fortified churches in the Sibiu County, having also been listed on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993.

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