The Chocolates Of Life

Forrest Gump: My momma always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." These are the chocolates of our lives.

[Music] A Tribe Called Quest – We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service

The general consensus is that “We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service”, A Tribe Called Quest’s sixth and final album, is something of a triumph, with many critics hailing it as the best full-length of 2016.

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[Romania] Family weekend in search of the Ancient Dacian Fortresses

Although it’s only the beginning of February and spring is not even thinking of showing its face, we still can’t stand still at all during the weekends. So here we are again, quickly shutting down our laptops on Friday afternoon and back on the highway – this time in search of the Dacian Fortresses in the Hunedoara County.

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[Events in Sibiu] Musical Tasting – music, food and socializing

Some might say that Sibiu is a cultural city, with lots of events happening almost every day of the week. I wouldn’t argue with that, but this city still lacks some socializing, after work events for people who are not in the mood anymore to spend their nights in dark clubs surrounded by mostly teenagers and students.

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[Romania] Family weekend in Nucet, Sibiu

One might say that winter is the season to stay mostly inside and dream of summer’s warm and sunny days. Of course, when having a family with kids this becomes a bit difficult to achieve and alternatives have to be found. But lucky for us, the Sibiu County has so much to offer in terms of family escapes.

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[Romania] Hiking to the Valea Sâmbetei Hut

We started 2018 up on the mountain, in our beloved Făgăraș Mountains and it was sooooo perfect, that the moment we had a day off with a good weather forecast we took our hiking boots and up we went back to Făgăraș. This time we chose a new trail that we have never done before, up to the Valea Sâmbetei Hut.

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[Music] The Beginning Of The End – Funky Nassau

Seminal early 70’s Bahamian Funk of the highest order. The debut LP from the Munnings brothers legendary outfit. “Funky Nassau” is one of the most sought after Soul/Funk records ever with it’s highly original blend of US black music styles and Bahamian roots.

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[Palestine] The story of Battir

We knew about Battir that it’s and UNESCO World Heritage Site and that’s why we asked Michael, our guide in Palestine, to drive us there and show us around the village. What we didn’t know is that this village has such a strong story behind and so many great people working hard to change mentalities and show Battir’s true value.

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Road trip in Palestine

Traveling to Palestine was a new experience for us from many perspectives. It was a trip of amazement, of appreciation, of encouragement, of mixed feelings, of compassion, of quilt sometimes, of feeling overwhelmed, of everything a trip and a new place should make us feel so that in the end once you left there you felt you had earned something for your growth and your soul.

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[Israel] Two Deserts and The Dead Sea

Two of the four days we spent in Israel were dedicated to exploring a bit the country and going out of the cities. It was a very good idea with all the good weather we had. We had 2 long days in which we discovered the Sea, two deserts and long abandoned ancient fortresses and cities.

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