The Chocolates Of Life

Forrest Gump: My momma always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." These are the chocolates of our lives.

[Romania] On The Streets of Timișoara

Here we are back again in the Western part of Romania. After visiting Oradea just one month before, in October we were back on the road, heading to Timișoara for mainly two reasons: to attend the Simultan Festival (an experimental music, art and video festival) and to see how the city is preparing itself to become the 2021 European Capital of Culture.

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[Books] In search of Fatima: a Palestinian Story – Ghada Karmi

I got my hands on this book at the ‘Walled Off Hotel’ in Bethlehem and I thought it would help me better understand the realities and the conflict between Palestine and Israel and their recent history together.

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[Romania] The Lotrişor Waterfall

On a Sunday afternoon on the road from Vâlcea to Sibiu, we decided on the spot to have a small detour and visit the Lotrişor Waterfall. The road along the Olt River is one of the most crowded roads from Romania, but at the same time it is very beautiful, crossing the Cozia National Park.

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[Music] Africa Airways Three: The Afro Psych Excursion 1972-1984

The Africa Seven label might not have been around for very long, but the London-Paris dynasty has certainly established itself as a no.1 outlet for rare, unhinged world music.

This is Africa Airways Volume 3: The Afro-Psych Excursion, a gorgeous compilation spanning the years 1972 to 1984, and it clearly offers some of the most magnetic tunes that they label has put out thus far.

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2018 NYE Up in the Mountains

We’re getting older… or wiser. Or we’re starting to enjoy other things in life. Or better yet said, other experiences. Experiences that last longer, that we forget harder, that get stuck in our hearts and heads for months, that make us smile when we think about them. Experiences that, after they’re over, make us say: ‘It was perfect, we have to do it again!’.


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[Romania] A Short Visit in Carei

We stopped in Carei just before leaving the country for our road trip in Hungary and the initial plan was to visit just the Károlyi Castle and leave. But, in search of a quick snack we ended up in having a nice walk around the town.

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[Romania] On the Streets of Oradea

As a Romanian, my general perception about the country and its looks is not that good (excepting, of course, outdoors which I find just amazing). But for towns and cities, besides a few like Bucharest, Sibiu and Cluj Napoca, I’ve always had this idea that they’re not in a really good shape. This was also the case for Oradea, but I guess that our stay in the city completely changed my perspective.

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Some of Hungary’s towns

To Bupdapest we’ve been before, more than once. And yes, it’s a proper country capital city in all aspects – history, culture, nightlife, cuisine. But this time, during our 4 days road trip in Hungary, we decided to leave Budapest behind and see what the smaller towns of the country have to offer.

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[Hungary] The rural experience – Hollókő

We put Hollókő on our map for the Hungary road trip for two main reasons: 1. It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site and 2. It has a Romanian brother – Rimetea, which we visited this May and we wanted to see some more.

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