The Chocolates Of Life

Forrest Gump: My momma always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." These are the chocolates of our lives.

[Romania] Moșna Fortified Church

From 1283 dates the first official document mentioning the Moșna village (German – Meschen, Hungarian – Muzsna), but archeological discoveries in the area found evidences of this area being inhabited as early as the I – III centuries.

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Mozaic Jazz Festival (Sibiu) 2017

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[Romania] Dealu Frumos Fortified church

We arrived in the Dealu Frumos village on a Saturday evening during one of our tours through the Saxon villages from the Hârtibaciu Valley. Dealu Frumos (Schönberg in German) is said to be in the exact center of the country. The first mention of the village was in 1280 in a sales document and the author was writing “happy is the wonderful town in peacetime …”

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[Romania] Merghindeal Fortified Church

The third stop on our second journey through the saxon villages was Merghindeal. In the old documents the settlement was called Marienthal (Maria’s Valley). The legend says that a young woman called Maria helped the Saxon colonists find the place where they would build their village and so they named the village after her.

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[Romania] Cincu Fortified Church

Cincu is first mentioned in a document of 1329 as Schenck, a word connected to Schenke, meaning “tavern” in German. The village was founded in the mid-12th century by some 30 families of German settlers from the Rhineland. There were 64 families in 1488, 70 in 1532 and 344 in 1729. Some 215 individuals were settled there by the Hapsburg in 1753. In 1850, there were 2635 inhabitants.

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[Books] The Cairo Trilogy – Naguib Mahfouz

I don’t remember exactly how I got my hands on this trilogy, but I think it’s one of those kind of books you read and then you get a more clear view of the world.

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[Romania] Cincșor Fortified Church

Cincșor is a village in the Brașov county, where the Hârtibaciu and the Transylvania plateaus meet. The village has had over the centuries many names, both in Romanian and German (Cincu Mic, Șincșor, Șinchișor or Kleinschenk) all meaning approximately the same = the small inn.

Writings about the existence of the village first appear in a Pope document in the year 1377. But it seems that the area had been inhabited before this time, as archeologist had found a Roman Castro here.

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Astra Film Festival 2017

Astra Film Festival is a major event in the European film community and Romania’s leading documentary festival. The Festival is located in the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, and it is unique in South-Eastern Europe.  Continue reading “Astra Film Festival 2017”

[Romania] Another weekend in the Saxon villages

Considering that the first trip we did somewhere in April was such a nice experience, we decided to do it again and check out some more of the beautiful Saxon villages in the Sibiu County (and a bit of the Brașov County).

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