The forth day of our trip in Italy was the last one we would spend in Cinque Terre, so in the morning we headed towards Riomaggiore where we would spend the night.


After we left our luggage, we took the train to visit Manarola. I fell in love with this lovely village, almost the same as I fell in love with Vernazza when we first got there.

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The plan for our third day in Italy was to visit the next village from Cinque Terre, Corniglia. A bit tired after all the hiking we had done a day before, we woke up early and took the foot trail between Vernazza and Corniglia. It turned out to be an easier trail than the one between Vernazza and Manarola, but the view was as beautiful as the day before.

2013-06-04 10

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Somewhere during last winter, I saw this picture on facebook and said to myself that this would be the perfect place for a summer holiday.

So we started planning the whole trip and here we are, on a Friday morning leaving from Bucharest to Bologna and taking the train to Cinque Terre.

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