I love reading. It is not only that I enjoy a good book from time to time, but rather I cannot live my life without reading. I am fully aware that I am not special in my feeling this way and that this is far from being an original thought, yet the truth, however unoriginal it may be, remains. I not only enjoy the story portrayed in a book, but also the style of the writing. For me it is like travelling and I am a traveler – a small one, truth be told, but a traveler nonetheless. A traveler cannot but love reading and a reader cannot but love travelling, so when I discovered Life of Pi I was immersed in a total feeling of happiness (I feel a small note is necessary at this point. This book was recommended to me by Tudor, one of my best friends. You cannot begin to imagine the pleasure I feel when I discover good books, good movies, good music, good food, good… anything with the help of my friends. It brings me great joy not only because it is “good”… whatever that is {books, food, shoes, music, theatre plays}, but also because I see it as a gift they have so generously made to me and, also, a window into their souls that they have trusted me to peep into. But I digress, as I usually do.)

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