December 31, 2012

[Film] Kim Ki Duk’s Pieta

Somewhere in November, in Bucharest, took place the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival.  Not really my kind of festival, it’s mainly short movies, just experiments, nothing too concrete. But for the opening, they brought Pieta. I was looking forward to see this movie since this spring and after the success it had in the Venice Film Festival, my excitement grew even more.

So here I am, leaving the office on a cold Wednesday evening, heading to the cinema for Pieta. I got there half an hour earlier than the movie would start and what do I see? The street is blocked with people waiting to get in and see the movie. I must admit that I was very surprised to see so many people wanting to see a Kim Ki Duk movie. I was almost sure that the room would be practically empty, but since it was also the opening of the festival, this could also explain the high number of people at the entrance.

We managed to get in, after being pushed, pinched and hit in the back, we found good seats and after a long introduction about the festival, the movie finally started and for the next 2 hours Kim Ki Duk managed to mesmerize me again.

I am starting to believe that Asian producers have an extra sense (I’m not sure if it’s a sixth or seventh), but they have something that we, Europeans don’t. They see life more profoundly, they are more interested in feelings, in relationships, in how our actions accomplish us as humans and how our actions have an influence on other people’s lives.

Pieta tells the story of a loan shark who cripples the people who own him money. His supposed mother (who had previously abandoned him as a baby) gets in his life and succeeds to reduce the hatred and negative feelings from his life.

Pieta is a movie about love and hatred, about revenge and forgiveness, about cruelty and sensibility. I think it perfectly illustrates the saying : From love to hatred there’s only one small step. Again a great production from Kim Ki Duk, absolutely breath-taking!

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