I’m at the office, outside it’s been raining since this morning (now it’s after-noon already), it’s April and I am dreaming of warm sunny days, somewhere relaxing and quiet. Somewhere that will remind me of the beautiful Tamarit beach where we went last summer and almost started crying when we had to go back home.


Last year in June we went 5 days to Barcelona for the Off-Sonar parties and for visiting the city and for the next 3 days we wanted to go somewhere less crowded, just to bathe, get a nice tan and relax a bit after all the partying. We knew from some friends that close to Barcelona there are small towns by the sea side where we would get all the relaxation we want. I made a small research on the internet and came across The Tamarit Park.

It’s a resort in Altafulla, about 90 km from Barcelona. You can easily get there by train in about an hour and a half. Just get off at Altafulla stop and from there either take a taxi (about 20 EUR) or walk for 15 minutes on the beach (if you don’t have too much luggage) until you see the blue Tamarit Park flag.

Don’t expect a five start hotel if you decide to come to Tamarit. You can come here with your tent, with your trailer or rent one of the lovely bungalows. The bungalows have everything you need, including a small kitchen with all the tools to cook a lovely dinner and enjoy it on the small terrace in front. Also, there are a supermarket, lots of restaurants, barbecue area, tennis and football courts and an indoor gym. The prices are very good for the accommodation, but for the restaurants as well.


People come here normally to relax, so if you are looking for a noisy place, this is not what you are searching for. It’s quiet, calm, relaxing. You can be lazy all day. Rest on the beach, have a cold beer, read a book and have a good swim, laugh with your friends or how I like to call it, just do nothing.

Nearby there is a small forest where you can go hiking if you feel you have too much energy and there is also a lovely castle, which unfortunately we couldn’t visit because there was a wedding party going on.


I couldn’t tell exactly what mesmerized me so much about this place. It was maybe the lovely weather, the sea or the people with me, but everything contributed to 3 lovely days, the perfect beginning of a perfect summer I had last year.

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