Here it is, another Nymphomaniac movie review from a big fan of Lars Von Trier, who’s seen most of his movies.

I did see the movie quite late after its official launch and it got me wonder if I would like this one as much as I liked Dogville, The Antichrist or Melancholia. It’s one of Lars Von Trier’s most famous movies so far. There was a big fuss around it all over the world. Too much publicity that got me thinking: ‘There we go, Lars Von Trier’s first commercial movie!’

As we all know, sex sells in any form and the title of the movie helped a lot to raise a lot of people’s curiosity. I heard friends talking about it, who watched it before I did, and everything they talked about was the sex scenes. That got me again a bit confused and made me think if this could actually be a sort of porn movie.

I did manage to watch the movie a couple of weeks ago and well, all I can say, to keep it short, is that, YES, Lars Von Trier strikes again. Without any compromise, like he normally does in his movies, he manages to tell this story, that touches a rather taboo subject, in the most correct and straight forward way.

It tells the story of Joe, who self-diagnosted as being nymphomaniac. Well actually Joe tells her story, not the movie. From her first sexual experience to having sex with 10 men a night, each of them having their own appointment. The subject is indeed a quite shocking, but the movie itself…well, just natural and objective, with nothing to hide.

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