Having friends outside of Romania is always a very good excuse to plan a short vacation. Especially since they live in an amazing house in the center of a nice German town, small and quiet. Just perfect for a weekend of relaxation.



Maybe there isn’t much to say about Nürtingen. Not too many touristic attractions. It is a 40 000 inhabitants town from Southern Germany, from the Baden-Württemberg region, located on the river Neckar.


As you can imagine, the town is quite small, so one day is more than enough to visit it. Well, actually to walk on its streets. Traditional German houses are my favorite and each time I have the chance to see them, I take my time in observing every little detail.

2014-03-16 17.45.19

What I liked about this town, it might as well be a German characteristic, is that people take good care of their homes. The houses are well preserved and all have small ornaments and flowers everywhere, small gardens or terraces, anything that can make their living more relaxed and comfortable.


There’s nothing much actually going on in a town like this. In weekends, you can go to the mountains as they are very close or just have a nice walk on the river bank and feed the ducks. Relaxation and quiet, sometimes a trip like this really gives you a boost of energy.


Our friends also have a very nice hostel in the house they live in, so if ever around, please stop by Schlafsüß .

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  1. Naturlich 🙂

  2. […] a couple or years ago with these German small towns, when we visited some other friends in Nurtingen. We went there with not that high expectations and actually enjoyed the experience very much. […]


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