Tübingen is another town we visited while on our short trip in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany, this spring. A bit bigger than Nürtingen, it also has the specific German charm that I tend to like more and more.


Tübingen is a traditional university town about 30km far from Stuttgart. Wikipedia surely does offer a complete description of the town, better detailed than what we managed to understand in the 2 – 3 hours we spend on its streets.


With its 89 000 inhabitants, out of which a 3rd are students, Tübingen seems to have it all : universities, art, culture, night life, but also the traditional Swabian characteristics like order and tidiness.  Not to mention the Schloß Hohentübingen Castle, which is open for visiting and offers a great view over the entire town.


For sure this town needs more time to spend visiting it, so it remains on my list until next time.