To the Praid Salt Mine we went on a January Saturday morning, before starting our trip to the Piatra Singuratica chalet. Very good choice as outside was colder than in the mine and the mine was almost empty, as most turists come during summer time. So lucky us, we had some quiet time to explore the place.


Situated in the Praid village, in the Harghita district of Romania, the salt mine has been exploited as early as 1200, but the massive exploitation started somwhere around 1700. At the moment, the salt mine is still exploited, but it’s also open for the public for touristic visits. Also , the salt mine is a medical treatment center for people who have breathing conditions, like asthma.


Not as impressive as the Turda Salt mine, but still a good place for a whole day family trip. It’s in a very good condition and it offers a wide variety of activities to keep you and your whole family, including kids, busy for a day. You have restaurants, an adventure park, a small salt museum, with various information about the history of the mine and about salt and its benefits.