December 6, 2016

[Film] Elle

Having a friend studying at the Film and Theater University means that I finally get to find out and see all the cool movies of the moment. And as I recently got a batch of brand new and very good movies, I started my journey into the European Cinematography with Paul Verhoeven’s latest movie, Elle.

I will have to admit from the beginning that Isabelle Huppert is an actress I really admire, the way she looks, the way she gets perfectly into the skin of her characters. And of course that this time, the main role she played was absolutely faultless.

Michele Leblanc is a successful business woman who gets raped one afternoon, in her house. On the journey of finding out who is the guy that raped her, her personality reveals itself. Having a very damaged childhood, her personal life is now, as well, a bit damaged. Divorced, sleeping with her best friend’s husband, not getting along with her son, being too bossy at work, this is how Michele’s life looks like in her 50s.

The rape episode reveals her personality just perfect and the way things evolve from this point are as shocking as you can imagine. Perverse, disturbing, full of psychological episodes, it’s a movie that you should watch in the dark and horrify yourself of what the human nature is capable of.

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