An amazing book on the condition of women in India, written by journalist Elisabeth Bumiller after living for 3 and a half years in India.

A journey among the women of India, this is the subtitle of the book and the perfect description of what you will find in the pages of this amazing book. It’s a shocking story of not only the women of India, but of India itself.

Elisabeth Bumiller goes into small villages, into the big cities, interviews hundreds of women of all kinds to understand what is their culture, which is their place in the society and what is their perspective on life. From simple village women, with no access to any kind of education, relying only on the traditional inheritance, to well educated, city women, with successful careers, she covers all layers of India.

The book is written based on facts from the late ’80s, but the subjects are as actual as they were 30 years ago. From stories about female infanticide and dowry deaths to female activists and Bollywood actresses, reading this book will make you shiver only trying to imagine what Elisabeth Bumiller has been a part of for 3 years and has seen with her own eyes.

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