February 6, 2019

Timișoara Gastro Guide

Some recommendations of restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs in Timișoara, all tested by us. The list is constantly updated, based on our travels.


Homemade is our number one choice when going to Timișoara. We love everything about this place, the way it looks, the friendly approach the staff has and their perfectly built menu, based on simple, comfort, delicious dishes. Everything is homemade, exactly like the name suggests and it always gives you that feeling that you’re at home, enjoying a warm dinner, surrounded by friends and family. Nothing fancy, but for sure something that will fill your soul with joy.  To be checked out in winter time, to enjoy the warmth of the interior, but also during summer months, to relax in their beautiful summer garden.

Homemade Timisoara
Homemade Timisoara
Homemade Timisoara
Homemade Timisoara


Ambasada is a place for everything that has to do with culture and local community. You will get events, gatherings, trainings, workshops, you name it. It’s a community that has grown around this place and that tries to make things better. Besides all that, you can go there for a tasty brunch or lunch and enjoy some time outside the city center, but in a super cool surrounding. The menu changes daily so expect something new with each visit.

Ambasada Timisoar

Omellete Bistro

Ideal place for breakfast, brunch and anything in between. The menu evolves around eggs in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Omelette Bistro


Right next to Ambasada, the recently opened (May 2021) Mancurry is the best option in town for some proper Indian food. All fresh, with local ingredients, it is one of our favorite places when in Timișoara. The chef here is a good friend of ours who we trust completely when talking about and cooking Indian food (and not only). Add some fresh chapatti, local craft beers and a nice and comfortable outdoor terrace to all of that and enjoy it!

Vinto – Gastro Wine Bar

It’s a nice gastro-wine bar with a good wine selection (Romanian and international) and with a menu that goes perfectly with a good wine. The cuisine is a mixture of everything, so we got to have sushi and hummus, together with an avocado burger and a very tasty pumpkin soup (although the menu might have changed since we were last there). Excellent choice for when you’re up for some glasses of wine and a light, but delicious dinner.

Vinto Gastro Wine Bar Timisoara
Vinto Gastro Wine Bar Timisoara

Suppa Bar

I immediately fell in love with this place. It’s a small place that serves 3 – 4 types of soups every day. They have cream soups, vegetarian or meat soups, to please everyone. You can have the soup there or just take it to go. The soups are so tasty and it’s such a good option for a quick, but healthy lunch.

Suppa Bar Timisoara


Although we didn’t yet get the chance to try this place out, I will add it to our list as it’s a recommendation from our friend owning Mancurry, who we trust completely when talking about food and eating out. Their menu sounds just right – simple, comfort food, with fresh and local ingredients. Plus a very nice summer terrace, in the shade of old trees.

George’s Snack Hut

A good fast-food place option. You will get grilled vegetables and all sorts of meat in a nice pita bread. They have quite a big variety of sandwiches, something that made us take too much time to decide what to have. But whatever you will chose, you will get for sure a tasty, perfectly grilled sandwich.


A rather underground place, not too many people know about. They have really good craft beer (if you get lucky, you can also try the Bereta beers – local Timișoara beer producer) and a very nice record collection you can listen to and buy.



For some local craft beers and a super cool afternoon/evening vibe, Taproom is the place to try out. Nothing fancy, just a small beer place, with lots of drought beers to taste. You will be literally seating on the street, at the edge of the Traian Plazza, watching the tram go by, while listening to vinyl music.

From what I’ve heard right next to them, there’s also a Wine bar and a Gin bar, such a perfect combination for a crazy night out.

Other places in Timișoara

Holla Tombabe – vintage / retro / designer studio, plus a super cool line of T-shirts with Romanian sayings.

One Shirt – a beautiful social project – pick-up point for donated textiles, a workshop that turns the textile waste into new, unique fabrics & a classic design that turns them into wearable pieces, while creating jobs that fit the availability of the team members.

PLAI – a yearly outdoor festival evolving around music, culture and art.

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