February 11, 2019

Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Some recommendations of restaurants, bars, caffees, pubs in Tel Aviv, all tested by us. The list is constantly updated, based on our travels.

Hummus Abu Hassan

This is a small restaurant, on a street outside the main Jaffa center and it is considered to be one of the best and authentic hummus places in Tel Aviv. They only serve hummus, 3 types of it, but the 3 of them as equally tasty ( hummus, masabacha and fool (which is actually broad beans). Expect to find the place always full, but talk to the waiters, they are very friendly and they will try to find a place for you (even if sometimes you will seat at the same table with other people).

Tel Aviv


A great street food place, a reinterpretation on street food of a chef,  with pita breads filled with all sorts of combinations of meat and veggies and the most delicious cauliflower side dish we have ever had.

Tel Aviv

From Miznon we went for some beers at the Beer Bazzar somewhere in the Carmel Market. It was late in the evening and the traders closed almost all the shops, but some of them change by night into street bars and restaurants. Beer Bazzar is the perfect place if you like beer, they have a great collection of Israeli craft beers.

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