Our third day of the road trip in Lithuania had as a final destination the Baltic Sea. We were hoping to have a good weather and do some swimming and relax on the beach, but we had a rather cranky day, with clouds, a bit of rain on the way and some quite heavy wind when we finally got to Palanga in the afternoon.

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Last weekend a very good friend invited us to the sea side to celebrate her birthday and we spent two lovely days at Vama Veche, somewhere at the Black  Sea, about 300 km from Bucharest, Romania.

Vama Veche is a small village somewhere at the border between Romania and Bulgaria, at the sea side. Years ago it was the place where everybody went on the 1st of May to celebrate Labor Day. It was also known as the place for hippies, rockers, motor bickers. Now, although the tradition is still kept, this little village has changed a little and turned into the perfect place for young people looking for some fun at the sea side. Continue reading