Last weekend a very good friend invited us to the sea side to celebrate her birthday and we spent two lovely days at Vama Veche, somewhere at the Black  Sea, about 300 km from Bucharest, Romania.

Vama Veche is a small village somewhere at the border between Romania and Bulgaria, at the sea side. Years ago it was the place where everybody went on the 1st of May to celebrate Labor Day. It was also known as the place for hippies, rockers, motor bickers. Now, although the tradition is still kept, this little village has changed a little and turned into the perfect place for young people looking for some fun at the sea side.

Vama Veche offers about everything you would need to enjoy yourself : beach, restaurants, clubs on the beach and of course the sea.

You can get there very easy from Bucharest by car, but there are also lots of trains (to Constanta and from there you can take a bus) or buses which can get you there in 3 – 4 hours.

For accommodation, you have every option you want, starting from hotels, to people renting rooms or trailers or places to put your tent (with showers and toilets). This time we stayed at a 2 star hotel, called Laguna Hotel ( and it was very good (especially since they also have a nice swimming pool). The prices for accommodation vary from 20-30 lei/night (7 -8 EUR) to 200- 250 lei (40 – 50 EUR).

Eating is not a problem, as you have supermarkets open until a late hour of the night, but also lots of restaurants with good prices. This time we went to Papa La Soni. At lunch you can have for only 10 lei (around 2.5 EUR) a bowl of the soup of the day( tomato soup, lentil soup or tarragon soup, or Hungarian Goulash). For another 7 lei (1.5 EUR) you can have a Romanian desert called Gomboti (they are a sort of donuts filled with plumps or raisins).  We also went to Corsarul , a nice restaurant right on the beach, with good food and very good service, the waiters were very polite and fast in bringing our order. If you’re on a low budget trip, you can always try some anchovy (for 1 EUR you get 100 grams of anchovy with bread, lemon and garlic sauce).

During the day you can enjoy yourself on the beach where you can find umbrellas and chaise-longues :

At night, this little village turns to life. The beach is full of open air clubs (mostly with rockish music and rockish hits), where you can dance and drink until the sun comes up. So if you want to come to Vama Veche and rest, it’s not the place to be.

Most people say about Vama Veche that during the last years it has become to crowded and it doesn’t have it’s bohemian atmosphere like it used to. I found it like a good place to go for a weekend, spend few money, have a good bath in the sea, taste some local sea food and go partying all night long.

On our way back home, we stopped for dinner at a very nice restaurant, about 30 km from Vama Veche, in Olimp. Popasul Pescarilor is a restaurant right on the beach where they serve delicious fish and sea food dishes. Careful, tough, it is quite expensive, but the view is really worth every money.

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  1. If you ask me, Vama could be also a place to rest. During the day the beach is quiet and you can have a nap under an umbrella.
    By night is quite noisy, you can hear all kinds of music from every possible place. But if you are staying at a hotel or at some local people house and you have sealing windows this is not a problem 🙂

  2. […] for Andreea’s birthday, where we just relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful sea. Here is a short story of that weekend and about this little village by the sea, called Vama […]


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