This weekend I came across a Dutch director who surprised me with one of his movies, Anders Thomas Jensen.

Adam’s Apples is a movie made in 2005, about a neo-nazi ex-convict who ends up doing community service in a church with a priest who believes blindly in God and things that every bad thing that happens in life it’s just God’s way of testing your true faith.

Although the subject of the movie may be considered as a life drama (each character comes with a dark background and from a ruined childhood), the director manages to make the action full of a black and ironic humor.

As a summary of how odd and crazy this movie is, this is a quote of the church’s doctor after the priest had been shot in the head with a gun : ‘Adam, this makes no sense at all. I am a man of science, I believe in numbers and charts. Goddamnit, I wanna go someplace, where people die when they are sick, and don’t sit in the yard eating cowboy toast when they have been shot through the head. ‘