The title of this book made me laugh, the first time I heard about it. Then I read that ‘The story of my baldness‘ written by Arnon Grunberg, was banned in the Netherlands for quite some time and so it got to my attention even more. And here I am, buying the book and finishing reading it after one week.

It made me laugh more than once on my way to work in the morning, in the subway. For a couple of times I actually laughed loud and people started starring at me. One time, a couple sitting next to me read the title of the book and giggled for five minutes on the subject.

The book tells the story of Marek, a teenager with a snob and always looking for lovers mother, an obsessed with insurance father, two genius brothers and an incredibly small penis, as never seen or heard before. He makes all sorts of confessions about his life, about the sexual failures he had, about his try to become a midget so that his penis would look bigger and about how he got his baldness.

I enjoyed a lot the way the characters were built, emphasizing all human defaults and all types of immorality, but the most I enjoyed the language used. The dialogues are so well built, so natural and each line hides a humorist/ mocking attitude of the writer.

Delicious book, not very sophisticated, but good enough to make you laugh and relax.

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