January 24, 2013

[Film] Evil (Ondskan)

I saw Evil some years ago and somehow it got to my attention again a few days ago, as a friend of mine reminded me of it. I didn’t remember exactly what the story was about, so I decided to watch it again.

It’s definitely not a family movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon, eating popcorn and just chilling on the couch.

Erik, the main character of the movie, is a teenager getting expelled from school because he is a violent and aggressive student. All his violence comes from what he received at home, having a step father that tells him ‘We need to have a conversation alone after dinner’ and beats him every time he has the chance.

His mother tries to keep her son on the right track and sends him to a private school, hoping that things would go better. Instead, this private school is a place where the new comers are beaten and humiliated by the seniors, where teachers pretend that nothing is actually happening.

It a hard movie, showing the evil in people, the way they abuse others and the way they impose their power (which most of the times is not their right at all). It’s a movie about the power and influence family has on their children and about how you can sometimes do harm to your child even if you meant well.

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