Creme Organization preset a double album by Orgue Electronique aka Brian Chinetti.

What lies here before you is sculpted out of the blood and tears of 5 years of life, and all the dreams, imagination, tristesse and longing that goes along with it. A mesmerizing double album: wholly matured and further enhanced by collaborations with luminaries like Robert Owens, Alden Tyrell and cult hero Fre2k. It’s warm and generous, made up of real emotions, of moments frozen in time and of the impassioned cries of a soul on the run.

With a healthy catalogue of arcane analogue jackers behind him, Brian knows what he’s doing when it comes to handling a drum machine and summoning haunted synth tones. It’s a logical pairing with Creme Organisation, which sees his considerable talents committed to his first official album release (after a slew of CD-R transmissions). There’s a consistency across all eleven tracks which comes largely from the lead synths Chinetti employs, but it’s an addictive sound richly realised, as full fat beats hammer away while interloping sci-fi melodies intone the bizarre message he wants to get across.


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