I travelled to Frankfurt somewhere at the beginning of March and I was in a lazy mood ever since so here it is, with a 3-week delay, the Maintropolis (like the locals like to call this city) experience.

I got to Frankfurt because Ninu was there for a 3-week business trip so for me it was the perfect opportunity to plan another trip to a place I have never been before. So here I am, early on a Thursday morning, boarding on the flight to Germany’s most famous metropolis and getting there somewhere around 10 AM.

The very well built means of public transportation system got me very quickly from the airport to our apartment, even if it was located in the other party of the city. Being too tired because I had to wake up at 4.30 in the morning I decided to just relax and wait for the evening to go out for a traditional wurst and a German beer.

Friday I was more active and went out to check out the city. I tried for about an hour to find a website to rent a bike, but no luck at all. The only thing I could find was the Deutsche Bahn website that has a very good system for renting bikes, but you need to have a German ID. So I took the S bahn to the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) and from there on foot around the city center.

I did some research before going out about which would be the main attractions and I have to admit that Frankfurt doesn’t have too much to offer for a tourist. If you are looking for a city full of old buildings, important museums and city bus tours, don’t go there, because it’s not the case. You will go out of the subway station and see that you are surrounded by incredibly tall buildings, offices and restaurants everywhere. There still is the Romer platz where the old City Hall and some old houses are, the Dome and the Opera House that might be a bit attractive for a tourist passing by.

A lovely area of Frankfurt is where the river Main is. For my visit the weather was great, just perfect to have a walk on the river side, read a book or just enjoy the view. And that was about it with my visiting the city.

We went out on Friday night again and I just discovered that the city looked completely different. If on day time you see business men dressed in suits, at night you see young people drinking on the streets, making noise, you see small shops selling alcohol and you see rabbits running in the small parks around the high buildings. Yes, yes, rabbits. It was the most surprising thing I had ever seen before. It’s like a city of extremes, of two different worlds in the same place, serious by day, crazy by night. If during the day you see fancy restaurants serving lunch, at night time you hear music and go to bars and pubs which most of the time are fully packed.

It felt as if there is a sort of energy that the people get when the sun goes down, like that’s when the city and the people in it actually come to life.

It may be my good opinion on Germany and Germans that helped me, in the end, to see the good things in this city, but I am sure that it has its charm somewhere well hidden. Most probably some beers may help you discover it.


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