April 4, 2013

[Film] Child’s Pose

The Romanian movie ‘Child’s Pose’ won the Goldean Bear this year in the Berlin Film Festival and so Romania went crazy when hearing the news. Cinemas around the country started playing the movie and it had some of the highest ticket sales in the history of the Romanian cinematography, so I had to go and watch it as well.


What I really appreciated about this movie is that it’s no longer a movie about the communist era (Romanian directors tend to stick to that period of the Romanian history), that it’s a movie about our times and the Romanian realities. It’s a movie about the sick relation of a mother with her son. She is overprotective, tries to keep him under control, tries to manage his life the way she wants. He is disperatly trying to get away from her, but the mistakes he makes get him closer and closer to her, even if he struggles to run away. The Romanian reality is very well built and pictured, with rich people thinking that money and power solve everything and that richness absolves you from all your sins, even if it’s killing someone.

The actors did manage to impress me, especially the mother, Luminita Gheorgiu. Brilliant role, excellent acting, very natural and realistic.

I have to admit that I had higher expectations from this movie. I am not saying there is something in particular that I didn’t like about it, it’s just that at the end I tought there is still something missing.

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