August 5, 2013

[Film] The Hunt

Thomas Vinterberg seems to slowly, but surely, become more and more famous. After the success he had with The Celebration in 1998 and  Submarino in 2010, in 2012, The Hunt managed to impress the Cannes jury where it won 3 prizes, including the one for best actor (Mads Mikkelsen).

The story is simple : a man in his 40s, divorced, is trying to start a new life. In a small town, he works as a teacher and the kids absolutely love him. One of the girls from the kindergarten he works at, says one day that he has sexually abused her. From this lie, a series of things happen that will affect irremediably the life of Lucas.

It’s a movie that makes you sick to your stomach, that frustrates you, that makes you want to scream. It shows a perfect portrait of a middle class small community, turning against an innocent man, with whom everybody used to be friends. Mikkelsen manages, with his perfect acting, to translate in images all of his suffering, wilderness and pain of being accused of something that is not true, of losing family and friends, of slowly losing integrity.

“The world is full of evil — but if we hold on to each other, it goes away,” says one character towards the end of the movie, trying to bring comfort and a sense of security in the small community. But in the attempt of making ‘the evil’ go away, each member of the community turns into evil themselves.

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