Somewhere 4 kilometers from Hateg, Hunedoara district, in the Silviut forest, there is one of the few buffalo reservations in Romania and in Europe as well. This type of animal, that in medieval times used to dominate the European woods, is on the edge of extinction.


There are about 3600 buffalos still alive in the world, from which about 12 can be seen in the Hateg Buffalo reservation. We got there somewhere in the afternoon and unfortunately we couldn’t see too much action. The buffalos where just laying in the shade, sleeping, hiding from the heat and from the sun.


The buffalos have the biggest weight of the European animals on land , varying from 440 to 920 kg for a male. They spend a lot of time with eating, they eat a lot early in the morning (when it’s actually the best time to visit the reservation because they are actually moving ) and then they spend most of the day digesting.