August 19, 2013

[Film] Superstar

Xavier Giannoli tells the tale of a simple man who one day wakes up famous with no reason and becomes the focus of collective hysteria.

Martin Kazinski is a bald, middle-aged guy who leads a humble, decent life working for a firm that recycles old computers and also provides employment for people with learning difficulties.

He wakes up one morning to go to work and everybody in the subway seems to know him. People take photos of him and video him, they chase him on the streets asking for his autograph.

The movie is about his struggle to understand why this is happening to him, about him trying to escape from all this and come back to his normal, average life.

Some say it’s a comedy, some say it’s a drama, but for sure the movie has some of both. Some of the situations are funny and really make you laugh, but some are intriguing, frustrating, sometimes even pure madness.

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