September 9, 2013

[Romania] Ialomita Cave

In the last day of our trip in Bucegi, on Sunday, we made a stop to the Ialomita Cave, which is located in the Padina palteau. In the same weekend we also took a hiking trip to the Zanoaga Gorges and the Bolboci Lake and on the next day a long trip to the Omu Peak.

2013-08-04 11.11.26

Situated on the right side of the Gorge Ialomita, about 10 km downstream, at an altitude of 1530 m, Ialomita Cave is a cave that occupies one level over a length of approximately 480 m, of which 400 m are available to tourists.

2013-08-04 11.16.49
The cave is crossed by a river. Ialomita cave has many large rooms like Mihnea Voda room, Decebal room, Great Hall, Room Hades, Bears’ Hall.

2013-08-04 12.02.15

Right at the entrance of the cave, there’s the Ialomita Monastery, from which you can hear the weekly ceremonies.

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