Well, yes, Nordics are my favorite film directors! And Lukas Moodysson amazes me again, after watching ‘Lilya 4-Ever’ some years ago. This time a friend recommended one of his films released in 2013, ‘We are the Best!’

Three young girls (about 13 years old) growing up in the 80s’ when everyone says that punk is dead and they try to keep it alive. They start a band, but they know nothing about creating  music.

Brilliant movie with girls at this age, the kind of girls that try to be different, the kind of girls that normal boys don’t like.

I was checking IMDB and it says that this is a drama. Well, it’s a bit harsh to describe it as a drama. It’s an absolutely delicious comedy, that will make you laugh remembering how you were when you were 13 years old.