When Vol. II opens, Joe is now married to Jerome, and they have a baby son. Unfortunately, she has also lost all interest in sex, and has no more sexual sensation. He gives her permission to take other lovers in order to get her groove back. From here things evolve together with Joe’s sexuality which finds new ways all the time to be satisfied.

Maybe it’s a bit too much to talk about Lars Von Trier’s creation one more time. I’ve been reading and hearing so much about Vol I and Vol II and I would conclude that this is the most commercial movie that the director has had so far. But what is quite interesting to observe is this. Those who know Von Trier’s work have understood this movie as a perfect description of what sexuality means for a woman and where obsession can get to.

The ones who were just attracted by the title of the movie only saw a erotic turning sometimes into porn movie. Nothing else more deep, although the movie has a very deep understanding and is filled all the way with symbolism.

Maybe I am a rather classical fan of Lars Von Trier, because I still consider as my favorites Dogville or Melancholia and think that this is rather a bit of a show off, with lots of courage and an extremely open mind.

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