June 16, 2014

[Film] Moebius

Shocking! Shocking! Shocking! This is what I can say about Kim Ki Duk’s new movie, Moebius!

I am a very big fan of Asian directors and Kim Ki Duk is in my top 3. I have watched his work from the first productions and I am always anxious to see his latest ones. But Moebius…well…it’s something that I would first characterize as totally pervert and sick. With castration, rapes, sado-masochism and incest this is movie is for sure, for some, very hard to watch through.

As the title of the movie says it, and also as Kim Ki Duk mentions it in an interview, the story of the family (mother, father and son) refers to the way the Mobius band is interconnected. He very clear manages, in a very pragmatical way, to show what is that actually keeps the family together and what destroys it in the end.

To make it even more shocking, Kim Ki Duk preferred to have the full movie with no words, none of the characters says absolutely anything for the entire action. But still, this doesn’t mean that the images will not speak for themselves and will send out a very clear message on what the story is all about.

It seems that Kim Ki Duk’s trend is to go for more and more violent and aggressive movies. Analyzing a bit his work, from Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter …and Spring or 3-Iron (where it was more about introspection and getting to understand your mind and body to the maximum) and getting to the more recent ones like Pieta and Moebius, it is more than obvious that this is the direction he is heading to.

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