Vinko Bresnan is a director I must admit, I have never heard before, but his latest movie was presented in this year’s Transilvania International Film Festival and this is how it got to my attention.

It’s the first time I see a Croatian movie and I am not at all disappointed. It’s a very good comedy, with some drama insertions as well, just to make you not laugh too much.

Determined to raise the birth rate in the village where he is a priest, the clerical starts to puncture condoms before they are sold, because the death rate is to high and the village needs some younger spirit.

Humor is used to the maximum to make fun of historical, religious and cultural topics and the movie is a set of actions and their direct consequences.

So thumbs up for Vinko Bresnan. The director has something to show and hopefully he will be more and more present in the international film festivals from now on.