This is the last post about our trip in the Canary Islands and what better way to end the story than to tell you a bit about the food experience we had there. As you can imagine, it’s mostly about fish and sea food and the best restaurants we tried out while on this trip.

2014-10-02 16.03.46

In every place we went, we tried to ask the locals which would be the best place to have something to eat and the recommendations were always very good. In Puerto de Mogan, our first stop of the trip, we went to Playa de Mogan restaurant, where they have the most fresh fish in the whole village.


Delicious dishes, with a different fish every day and also great sea food dishes. This is where we first had the Canarian potatoes, which are baked potatoes, with a very tasty sauce on top.

IMAG1217This is also where we first tried the Canarian Soup, which an absolutely delicious vegetables soup, with basically all the vegetables you can imagine, including carrots, potatoes, beans and corn.


We liked so much eating at Playa de Mogan restaurant, that we went there for the whole 3 days we stayed in Puerto de Mogan.

Tenerife was not that surprising regarding food, especially since we only went for lunch on a terrace next to the beach. But we did enjoy a great variety of fresh fruits from the supermarket there…some we didn’t even know the name.


Tasarte was the place where we had the most delicious paella with sea food ever! In the restaurant/ bar next to the beach, it doesn’t have a name and it’s mostly for locals who go out on Sunday for lunch and a nice swim in the ocean.


We also had another dish, something with chickpeas and sea food which was even better than the paella. Absolutely incredible taste! And very decent prices as well, one dish about 7 EUR. Actually everywhere we went on the island the food and drinks were very affordable and this surprised us a bit, as we thought that it should be more expensive on the island, but it was not the case.


In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we had the best sea food dishes in the whole trip. As I mentioned before, everywhere we went we had delicious sea food, but this was even more, better than everything before. We started with a delicious lunch in the Toma, Pan y Moja restaurant with some delicious shrimps.


And finally we found tuna in this place. As we are very big fans of tuna, we were a bit disappointed that we didn’t have the chance to taste some grilled tuna, but here it was. Our wish came true. Grilled fish is normally served with the Canarian baked potatoes and with some grilled green peppers.


For the last dinner we tried the La Marinera Restaurant, a bit more fancy that the others we tried before…but it was our last night of the trip so a feast was more than welcome. Especially since the restaurant has a great terrace right on the beach with a perfect view of the sunset.

Some delicious grilled octopus again with the Canaria potatoes


some scallops


and some delicious grilled shrimps made our night a perfect one.


So, shrimps, octopus, scallops all sorts of fish… it’s like being on a fish and sea food diet, as is there nothing else to eat on the island. Well, there actually is practically anything you can imagine, but for two foodie people and insane about sea food and fish…we only had one thing to do!

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