Tisno happened because of the Dekmantel Selectors 2016 festival. It turned out to be very relaxing, but very fun and active in the same time, a short but intense vacation just for the two of us in a very nice place, with great music, very nice and friendly people, clear and refreshing water and so, so, so, so many good vibes.


Tisno was the first encounter with Croatia for us and we fell immediately in love with its clear blue waters that woke us up every morning after a quick swim.


We spent there 5 beautiful days at the beginning of September and we enjoyed so much this small village that I would go back anytime for some more relaxing days at the sea side.


Tisno is partially situated on the mainland and partially on the island of Murter. The strait separating island from the mainland, after which the town was named, is only 38 m wide and crossed over by the bridge.


Getting to Tisno was a bit complicated for us. As we didn’t want to drive from Romania, we decided to go by plane from Sibiu. This actually meant that we had to change 3 flights, from Sibiu to Munich, Munich to Zagred and then to Zadar and take a bus from Zadar to Tisno. It was a day trip, but still it was less exhausting than driving.


The village is not very big and the place where the Dekmantel Selectors Festival (The Garden) was held is in walking distance from the village. The Garden is a really cool complex with accommodation, a small beach to have a swim in the morning and a restaurant with quite tasty food but with higher prices than the rest of the village.


We decided to find accommodation somewhere outside the festival. We found a nice apartment (The Frog Apartments) at a very reasonable price just 15 minutes walk from the festival. Close by we had a small beach with few people actually visiting it and a very nice beach restaurant (Bona Fide) with delicious sea food dishes and quite good prices.


As for the Dekmantel Selectors Festival, it was a great experience. Everything was very well organized, there was a limited amount of tickets sold, so not very crowded, great music, perfect location and very tasty local craft beer.


So, I guess we’re looking forward for next year!




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