Although the southern part of Romania doesn’t have that much to offer in terms of history as does Transylvania, there are still some hidden gems, proof of our long history and civilization.


On the national road from Râmnicu Vâlcea to Piteşti you will see a sign saying ‘Vizitaţi Muzeul Nicolae Bălcescu’ (Visit the Nicolae Bălcescu Museum). And further 5 kilometers away, in the village Rotărăşti, you find yourself in front of this beautiful manor built in 1828.


The architectural style is different from what we see in Western Europe, from the same period. The Western influences were not so visible yet, but we see a rather national influence, called the Brâncovenesc-style.


The beautiful outside arcades are a national emblem of the beginning of the XIX century and there are many similar manors and mansions in the Southern part of Romania, that  follow the same pattern.


The interior still preserves some of the old furniture pieces, trying to keep the XIX century atmosphere intact.


Inside the manor you will also find a small museum dedicated to Nicolae Bălcescu, an historian, writer and an important figure during the Revolution of 1848 in Wallachia. The guide there will offer you all the details about the house, its architecture, but also about the life and believes of Nicolae Bălcescu.


Go for a nice walk in the garden of the manor and you will find a beautiful old church (being restored at the moment) which belonged to the Gâltofani village. The surroundings are also very nice, the forest is right behind the house, perfect place for a sunny afternoon.


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