On a Sunday afternoon on the road from Vâlcea to Sibiu, we decided on the spot to have a small detour and visit the Lotrişor Waterfall. The road along the Olt River is one of the most crowded roads from Romania, but at the same time it is very beautiful, crossing the Cozia National Park.

We drive on this road almost every month and we always see the sign with the Lotrişor Waterfall. As we were not in a big hurry this time, we took the detour and stopped for a short break.

The Lotrişor Waterfall is situated on the Lotrişor River, 3 km from the main road (E81). There is a parking place where you can leave your car and then it’s a 2 km walk on a forest road. It was the beginning of the autumn and the forest started to change to its beautiful autumnal colors.


The forest road follows the Lotrişor River and the Lotrişor Gorge. The walk is not so challenging and everybody could do this trip, if the weather is nice. It can be very relaxing walking up the river and all the trees and cliffs around you.


The Lotrişor Waterfall is a man made waterfall. It was created in 1970, when the forest road was rehabilitated and the waters of the Lotrişor River were diverted through a rock tunnel on the top of the cliff. The result is a spectacular 30 meter water fall. During the summer, when the water level is lower you can also go inside the tunnel.


When we visited the place, we didn’t know that there is a path that goes up to the start of the waterfall and then to the tunnel. So we will have to stop again next summer.


As I already said, it is more like a stroll in the park of approximate 4 km, for the round trip, and can be a good option to enjoy some nature if you are old or with small children. The place is quite popular in the weekend, so there will be lots of people there.


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