July 12, 2018

[Film] Fault Condition

Melania, a 15 years old high school student gets pregnant with Emi, a classmate. Melania does not tell anyone she’s pregnant, not even to Emi, or to her parents.

The situation is extremely complicated because Emi’s mother is the director of the high school where the two lovers study, and Melania’s mother is secretary at the same high school. The two mothers separates the two lovers and decide to give the baby up for adoption illegally in exchange of some money.
Melania gives birth prematurely and the baby is sent to Neonatal Intensive Care (ICU). In the Neonatal Intensive Care ward occurs a devastating fire, in which the child of Melania and Emi dies along with six other babies born prematurely. The event is broadcast on all news channels.

The film is captivating and very emotional. Based on actual tragic events, it is a great and quite accurate reflection on the Romanian society and combines the action, comedy, drama, love story and documentary genres.

The story with the two minor lowers is imaginary, but all the other facts from the film are based on real events that occurred in August 2010 in Bucharest. The film portraits very realistically many taboo topics in the Romanian life: the rotten health system, the corrupt administration, the questionable character of the new rich class of Romanian people and the Romanians fear of being judged by others.

In 2017, ‘Faul Condition’ was the first Romanian film in the main competition of Shanghai International Film Festival. For the courage to tackle delicate contemporary dramas, for its ability to combine different perspectives upon the same truth, the film was awarded the prize for Outstanding Artistic Achievement.

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