February 11, 2019

Restaurants in Cordoba

Spanish cuisine? Hats off! Cordoba is very well known for its delicious tapas and if you know the right places to eat out, then you can say you tried it all. As we had a friend who is originally from Cordoba with us, we were assured that everywhere we had something to eat was the best choice.


We started with Casa Rubio which is a very nice place just as you enter the Old City. Here we tried Salmorejo, which a sort of tomato cold soup, served with boiled eggs and ham and is absolutely delicious. It’s also very refreshing for a hot summer day.


We also tried here mazamorra, which is a delicious and traditional Cordoba dish, made with bread, almonds, garlic, olive oil and vinegar.


And also flamequin, some sort of pork rolls, very, very tasty. The flamenquín is a typical dish of the cuisine of Cordoba. It was created during the 1950s in a restaurant in the city of Andújar (Jaén). It owes its name, which translates literally to “little Fleming”, to the fact that its golden color, deriving from the egg used in the batter, resembled the blond hair of the Flemings who came to Spain accompanying the Emperor Charles V.


The flamenquín , more known as roll saint jacob ,consists of slices of jamón serrano wrapped in pieces of pork loin, coated with egg and breadcrumbs and then deep-fried. It is often garnished with French fries and mayonnaise. A common variation replaces the loin with boiled ham. It can also be made with other fillings, such as fish, cheese, or poultry.


For dinner we went to Taberna Plateros, a traditional Cordobese restaurant, known mostly by the locals, where you will have the best food in town for such a low price. I can’t remember exactly what we had there, because our friend took the job to actually order everything for us, but it was extremely delicious. All sorts of tapas, perfectly combined together, with fresh ingredients that would just make us droll and ask for more. It’s a good idea to ask the waiters what they recommend for the day, you will not be disappointed for sure. Unfortunately or not, the food was so delicious and we were so hungry, that none of us had the inspiration to take some picture and the only picture that we have is with this fish roll and tomato slice with basil.


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