February 11, 2019

Restaurants in Tarifa

Besides the dynamic life and beautiful beaches, we had an other reason for our trip to Tarifa. During the last weekend of  May, Ruta del Atún festival (The Way of the Tuna) is happening. From Thursday to Sunday almost all the bars and restaurant are serving tuna tapas. For every beer ordered you get also a tuna tapas, all for 3 euros.



During the whole weekend, in the evening and night all the narrow streets are full of people walking from one bar or restaurant to the other, searching for tuna tapas of their taste. Usually each restaurant has a different style of tapas; we tried the tuna hamburger with patatas bravas, the wonderful tuna tartar at one of the most crowded places in town, the Lola Mora restaurant, the sushi tuna.



We had a sublime dinner at Restaurante Morilla, with 3 or 4 kinds of snails, scallops and mussels, a great octopus dish and other delicious seafood.


El Frances is also an excellent option for Tarifa. Fresh sea food, cooked to perfection, new and old recipes of the area.

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