June 10, 2019

Restaurants in Vilnius

Like every capital city that respects itself, Vilnius has a lot to offer in terms of restaurants, pubs and bars. The first step in discovering the authentic ones is to go to the Tourism Office in Vilnius and ask for the ‘Lithuanian Food and Beer in Vilnius’ Brochure which will give you a full list of places to eat out (from traditional to fine dine dinning) and to taste some of Lithuania’s best beers. You can also find it in PDF version HERE.

[Lithuania] Vilnius

[Lithuania] Vilnius

As we only spent 2 nights and one full day in the city, we didn’t get the chance to check out too many places and in terms of cuisine we decided to start with the beginning and go for the traditional restaurants to get an idea of what the Lithuanian cuisine is about.

[Lithuania] Vilnius

[Lithuania] Vilnius

Etno Dvaras and the Pub Leiciai are the restaurants we tried out. Both are quite good in terms of food, having mostly traditional dishes on their menu. Etno Dvaras is a bit more touristic and it’s normally full of people and a big line in front of the place waiting to get a table. Pub Leiciai is a bit less crowded and it has some very special Lithuanian beers to try.

[Lithuania] Vilnius

[Lithuania] Vilnius

A full Lithuania report HERE.

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