We knew about Battir that it’s and UNESCO World Heritage Site and that’s why we asked Michael, our guide in Palestine, to drive us there and show us around the village. What we didn’t know is that this village has such a strong story behind and so many great people working hard to change mentalities and show Battir’s true value.

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We were planning such a weekend for a long time, but each time we were considering of actually doing such a trip, we always said that we can leave it for another time, as these places are very close to home and we have some other options further away.


But finally, at the beginning of April, we said that this is it, we are doing it. We wanted to go somewhere with the baby, as the weather forecast was expected to be very good. As it’s still a bit difficult to go on long holidays with the baby, some short weekend road trips, with not too much driving are a good option to spend some time outside the city and explore the world 🙂


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