Once a Moroccan guy said to a Romanian guy : Romania is where the Heaven is! You have water, green trees and women.  Well, after last weekend and a trip in the Carpathians I have to admit that yes, Romania is a piece of Heaven.

It all started on Friday morning in a small town of Romania, near the river Olt, called Calimanesti. From there we went by car to Berislavesti, a village at the base of the Cozia Mountain. There, a local was waiting for us with the Romanian version of a 4×4 car, the famos ARO and took us 15 km up to the Cozia Cabana, at about 1600 m high.

2012-07-29 12.49.44

After getting to the cabana, I realized that the road is actually good and you can go there with basically any car. The Cabana is right on top of the mountain, very picturesque and traditional. You can get a bed for 25 lei/ night (around 5 EUR) and from there you can go hiking in the nearby. But this wasn’t the final destination of our trip.

About 20 years ago, my aunt found a little house in the woods, in the mountain and started taking care of it and going there every weekend. Now it looks like this :


This was actually our final destination and this is where we spent the weekend. About 40 minutes of walking from the Cozia Cabana on a small path and in the woods and we got to this little, lovely glade, surrounded by calmness and quietness. It was everything we needed to forget about living in a crowded city, about working in an office building and most of all, about the crazy heat that we’ve been dealing with in the last weeks.

One of my friends got a call while we were up in the mountain and was asked : What are you doing 3 days up there? Is there anything to be done?
We started laughing when we heard this, because the mountain never bores you, even if you just lay down on the grass and sleep for 3 days.

So what did we do? We just returned a little to the basics of life and enjoyed every minute of it. We walked a lot, climbed the high cliffs, ate fresh raspberries and cranberries, breathed fresh air, drank water from fresh springs and slept under the clear sky.


It was fatiguing and relaxing in the same time, it was amazing to look at each tree, at each flower and insect and just enjoy the smell, the sound and the view. It was like every information in my brain got lost for 3 days and made room for the beauties that are so close to us, but sometimes hard to get.

On Sunday we decided to walk the 15 km to where I left my car, it took us about 4 hours, it was a little hard, but really worth it.

Here are some photos with the everything we saw and loved in these 3 days :

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