Turda is a town in Transylvania, in the Cluj district of about 40 000 inhabitants. Nothing to spectacular so far. But when visiting it, you discover some of Romania’s somehow hidden attractions.

We went there a few weekends ago, and in a day we managed to go in a salt mine, visit some ancient Roman ruins and go up a mountain.

Turda Salt Mine has become in the last few years, after being renovated, one of the biggest touristic attractions in the Cluj District. Not one of the biggest in the country, but definitely one of the most spectacular. For only 4 EUR entrance fee, you go down underground and are surrounded by salt at every step you take.


I see  it more like a perfect place to spend a weekend afternoon. You can play sports (golf, pool, tennis), go for a boat trip or just sit arround and enjoy the view. It’s also a halotherapeutic center, so if you have health problems, you can come here for treatment based on salt.

It’s quite spectacular, with huge rooms with walls made of salt, with lights and water, with noise and 1000 stairs to climb.


After the Turda Salt Mine we went looking for the Potaissa Roman ruins. Honestly we expected something more than we got and we were  a little disapointed to find just some stones and bricks on a hill we barely managed to get to (as there was no sign showing us directions).

After Potaissa we drove about 15 km to the Turda Gorges and took a ride on the mountains there. We started at the bottom of the mountains, passed through the valley of the river Hăşdate and then came back on top of the left side of the mountains.

2012-08-03 18.04.24

The way is marked with signs so there no way you can get lost and a full trip takes you about 3 – 4 hours if you stop at each step and take photos. The view is really nice, on the way you will also find some small caves, where you can explore a little. No need to be an experience hiker, anyone can climb this mountain.


So we left home at about 11 in the morning thinking that we will only manage to visit the Turda Salt Mine, but also we managed to go to Potaissa and enjoy the Turda Gorges and get home for dinner at arround 9 in the evening.

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