The gorges near Tureni village, in Cluj county, are a hidden gem visible from the Transylvania Highway, on the way from Turda to Gilău, but just a few really visit them.

Like most people, we admired many times these stunning cliffs speeding on the highway, promising ourselves that one day we will give them a proper visit. And finally that moment came in a hot summer day, last year.
The gorges are situated 22 km from Cluj and can be visited through the gorge on the banks of the Pârâul Racilor (Crab’s Creek) or from above, on the ridge. The way through the gorge is steep and narrow and the path is equipped with steel cables specific for via ferrata. It can be a bit challenging, so I would not recommend it to people who fear heights and to young children.

We drove from Cluj Napoca to Tureni and parked in the old stone quarry where Pârâul Racilor exits the gorge, to the North. There you can also find some information panels about the gorges, the flora and the fauna. The path is marked with blue triangle and easy to follow.

We followed the water line upstream, climbing some cliffs and using the steel cables. The length of the gorges is just around 2 kilometers and the depth of the valley varies between 100-150 meters.

Most parts are easy to walk, but there are some areas a bit more difficult and require some exercise. It was a good decision to visit the gorges in summer as the water level was lower and easier to follow.

In the calcareous walls you can see many grottas and stunning cliffs. The climate is very wet and this make the rocks slippery, so you should watch your step and get a good grip of the steel cables.

On the way, there are many water pools and some small waterfalls and you have to climb the cliffs above them using the cables.

As you go upstream to the South end, the path through the narrow gorge ends, the valley widens and the steel cables are not needed anymore. Now you can stroll relaxed and get a better view on the above magnificent cliffs.

After a short, but steep ascent, you get on a plateau from where you can see the gorges from above. In this area there are some camping places and also climbing routes, if you are interested in these kind of sports.

For us the trip though the gorge lasted around 1 hour and it was now the time for a good rest and snack, sheltered under the leaf crown of an old wild apple tree, with a spectacular view on the cliffs.

Another 5 minutes of ascent and we were right on the ridge of the hill, above of the whole gorge.

The walk back to the stone quarry is about 30 minutes and it’s easy and pleasant and gives an aerial view of the gorges. This route is suitable also for children and it can also be done by bicycle.

The whole trip at the Tureni Gorges is 2-3 hours and it can be connected with a trip to the much more famous Turda Gorges and the Turda Salt mine for a full day experience.

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