Ever wondered what it would be like to live your life alone on a wild island, surrounded by water for miles and miles? Well, please learn that Brendon Grimshaw actually did it.

Brendon Grimshaw, a British citizen, worked in Africa as a journalist and gave everything up in 1972 when he bought the Moyenne Island and decided to live his life there. When he first got there, there was nothing. Together with a friend, he built the entire ecosystem of the island. He planted trees, flowers, built nature paths and raised and bread more than 100 giant land tortoises. Everything he did, he did it out of pure love for nature, he dedicated his life to creating something that could actually last forever.

Now he is old and worried that his work could be destroyed in no time after his death, that there will be someone else taking over the island and turning it into a touristic attraction that would ruin all its balance.

Beautiful story of a journey in life that most of us only dream at!

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