Not too much to visit, but definitely a very nice place to enjoy a warm summer day, in a rather bourgeois environment. This is how I would describe the Bruckental Summer Residence from Avrig.

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Situated right in the middle of the town of Avrig (30km far from Sibiu), you will find a unique baroque ensemble – the former summer residence of the Transylvanian governor Samuel von Brukenthal. It was built during the years 1780 and 1785 and it very much resembles to the Schonnbrun Palace in Vienna.

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Now the Bruckental Summer Residence from Avrig has turned rather in a leisure place, ideal if you want to have a quiet weekend, wandering around in the gardens of the palace.

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The place has a very nice restaurant, with fresh cake and lemonade, and it also offers accommodation.

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The palace is currently being renovated and hopefully in a few years it will become a bit more attractive to visiting.

How to get there :

Some more pictures of the place :

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